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DR. Thomas S.Y. Hooi’s Profile

Dr. Thomas S.Y. Hooi received his Degree in Bachelor of Arts (Education) with Honours from Science University of Malaysia (USM). He obtained his Doctorate in Business Administration from International American University (Los Angeles, U.S.). He also holds Diplomas in Complete Mind Therapy (D.CMT) and Hypnotherapy & Psychotheraphy (D.HP). Through his research work, he has developed several sets of learning instructions for both adults and students alike in the field of accelerated learning.  These programmes include Thinking Skills, Learning Skills, Photographic Memory, Speed Reading etc.

Dr. Thomas is a member of the Mind Science Association of Malaysia, a member of Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (United   Kingdom), a member of Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), a member of Malaysia Institute of Human Resources Management and the first Malaysian member of International Alliance of Learning (based in Georgia, USA). In 2003, he authored the book Advance Learning Strategy that provides learning and thinking strategy for its readers. He is also the copyright holder for Super Learning Brainwaves Audio Product that blends Theta Brainwaves with natural sounds. More than 200,000.00 of this CD were sold worldwide. In the year 2008, he created a subliminal audio CD that helps students to increase their learning capabilities through silent subliminal technology. Dr. Thomas combined Subliminal and Accelerated Learning Technology to create the state of art subliminal CDs that help its listener to positively change their habit effortlessly just by listening to it.

Prior to his engagement in the development of learning technology, Dr. Thomas was in the human resources and training profession both in multinational and local companies for more than 5 years. 

Throughout the years in this line of duty, Dr. Thomas had interviewed thousands of people and learnt the human motivational factors and learning behaviors.

In 1998, he started Smart Child Reading Centre, specializing in teaching English Phonics to students. The following year, he founded Edumaster Learning Technology, a company that specialized in research and   development of accelerated learning programmes for students. In the year 2004, he incorporated GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. In 2007, he founded GeniusBrain International Private Limited in Singapore. GeniusBrain International Private Limited focuses on developing GeniusBrain Learning System for the Asia Pacific market.

Currently Dr. Thomas Hooi is the Managing Director of GeniusBrain International Private Limited (Singapore) and GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) which operates more than a dozen centers in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. GeniusBrain provides the avenue to individuals who are interested to  operate their own accelerated learning centers. Programmes conducted include super learning, memory skills, speed reading, quick mathematics, art, seminars and etc.

To date, Dr. Thomas has conducted more than 50 seminars/talks to thousands of participants.  The participants include educators, parents, students and the general public. Through his super learning programmes, thousands of participants are now able to perform at their optimum level. These programmes have helped participants to think in an innovative way, speed read materials, increase memory power, enhance their self-esteem and etc. Dr. Thomas is also one of the trainers for the Power Learn series designed for corporate companies. Dr. Thomas was one of the guest speakers for the National Young Entrepreneurs Seminar organised by the Klang Chamber of Commerce in the Year 2007. The event was attended by aspiring entrepreneurs all over Malaysia & Singapore.

In 2010, GeniusBrain was awarded Asia Pacific Excellence Brand Award by Global Business Magazine for the year 2010/2011. In December 2010, Dr. Thomas Hooi was featured in BFM 89.9 ‘Starting Up A Business’ interview where he shares his business experiences with a wide range of BFM 89.9 listeners. Dr. Thomas Hooi was appointed as Advisor of  Asia Pacific TOP Excellent Brand as well in May 2012 recently. In 2017, Dr. Thomas co-author the book, Stories of Aspiring Entrepeneurs. In the year 2017, Charisma University admitted him the rank of Professor in Education.


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